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Colour is key when it comes to themes and dashboard design.

Choosing a colour theme for your Excel or Power BI dashboard can be tricky and should have some thought behind it. It’s not just as simple as choosing a colour based on your personal preferences.

Choosing a colour can become a complex decision because colours easily influence an audience’s emotions, mood and perception, and they can have personal and cultural meanings behind them.

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Having an understanding of how colours affect audiences, as well as having a choice from a list of colours for dashboards will allow you to select a colour palette more strategically. For example, red acts as an alert when used within a dashboard, it prompts the user to further investigate the data while alerting them of a possible issue.

Once you’ve gotten a better understanding of the theory behind colour, you can apply a colour theme to your entire dashboard using a dashboard theme; when you apply a dashboard theme, all visuals on your dashboard use the colours from your selected theme.


Download the list of colors


How to choose the best colours for Excel and Power BI dashboards?

 1.    Understand how colours relate

 Your first point of call should be the colour palette.  This will give you a basic understanding of how colours relate to one another.


2.    Research your industry

Do some research on your industry, having an understanding of why your industry leans toward certain colours is crucial when determining the right colour palette for your dashboard design.

3.    Understand your brand

Dashboard design should align with your brand’s overall colour palette, including the colours within the logo. The logo is often a great place to start to get a feel for the colours you should be leaning towards when selecting the best colours for Excel and Power BI dashboards.

4.    Consider the audience

When designing your dashboard, you also need to consider the audience, like considering colour-blindness. Red-green colour blindness is the most common type so you shouldn’t rely too heavily on these colours to convey key messages. If you do choose to use them, then having visual indicators like arrows or icons can assist the reader.

5.    Download the free list of theme colours in Excel

We offer a list of 6900 colours which you may download. This will give you a comprehensive list of colour codes for Excel and Power BI dashboards. You can use this Excel colour download to make your colour palette selection.

6.    The 60-30-10 rule

Once you’ve made your selection from your Excel colour download, follow the 60-30-10 rule. Use a three-colour palette in your design with the dominant hue accounting for 60% of the colour in the design, while two accent colours use up the remaining 30% and 10%.

Consistency is key when it comes to dashboards, having consistency throughout your design will ensure that you convey the same meaning throughout the various charts. Using shades and tints (or lighter and darker versions of a chosen hue) can expand your colour choices without overwhelming your design.

Download the list of colors

Why use a custom theme?

Standard is boring. If you use the same theme as every other competitor out there, then you won’t stand out from the crowd. To make a lasting impression, use the Excel colour downloads to ensure that your theme is one of a kind.

JSON themes

Using JSON themes is a great way to create a unique Power BI dashboard. Upload a JSON file that has settings for all the colours you’d like to use for your dashboard.

Sign up today to get a comprehensive list of colours for dashboards. Download a FREE Excel list of the best colours for Excel and Power BI dashboards.

Download the list of colors





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